Artist Employees at Mosaic Art Supply

Employees at Mosaic Art Supply are emerging artists actively pursuing their passions.

Support the Arts in a Real Way

Every purchase you make from us supports the arts in a real and direct way, perhaps more so than any donation you could make to an arts related charity or foundation. For starters, we don’t have grossly overpaid directors from the patrician class, and we pay our employees as much as we can afford. More than we can afford actually, but not what they are worth.

Unlike a lot of charities and foundations with overpaid directors, we have never had any unpaid interns.

Angela Bortone

Artist Angela Bortone

Artist Angela Bortone

Angela Bortone is a painter, video artist and art writer. She mixes other people’s voices into her paintings and videos. Born in the Dominican Republic, Bortone was raised in Brooklyn and spent nearly a decade abroad in Germany before moving to Atlanta in 2002. She earned a BFA in studio art from Georgia State University in 2010.

Celia Favorite

Celia Favorite, Illustrator

Celia Favorite, Illustrator

”  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  ”


Adam Sprague

Adam Sprague's Studio Space

Adam Sprague’s Studio Space

“I want each painting I make to not only be beautiful and well executed, but to exhibit a high standard of craft and integrity.”





Lucas - Painter, Artist, Provocateur.

Lucas – Painter, Artist, Provocateur.

“I would say that I am mainly a painter, but I dabble in photography when I have time to develop film (I take a lot more photos than I actually develop), I draw and I really enjoy ceramics though I’ve only spent a very small time with the medium.”


Katie Wells

artist Katie Wells

Katie Wells, Artist, Stylist

“I like to draw cartoons and illustrations of my personal 2D reality. I can arrange flowers and plants. I never went to art school, but I do know Japanese. I lived in other countries, but Atlanta is pretty nice.




Natalija Moss

Artist Natalija Moss

Artist Natalija Moss

“I make art when I feel upset and I usually feel better afterwards.”


Sleepy Ted.

Sleepy Ted.

“I want to sleep right where you want to stand.”

Rigby Wells

Artist Rigby Wells

Mosaic Art Supply Supermodel Rigby Wells

“Hey Gurl. Gimme dog treats.”

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  1. Carol Kane

    I’ve always loved dealing with Mosaic Art Supply and now I will love it even more! Thanks for introducing all of us to all of you.


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