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  • Black Grout vs White Grout

    Day-of-the-Dead Mosaic Grouted

    Black grouts bring out the intensity of tile colors while white grouts overwhelm them. Natalie Knox’s Day of the Dead Skull mosaic is a good example of how well black grouts work and how a light colored backer isn’t a good indicator of the mosaic would look with white grout. Don’t Be Fooled If you […]

  • Abstract Geometric Mosaic Table Tops

    West-Indies Flag Abstract Mosaic Pattern

    Inspiring mosaic table tops with abstract geometric patterns were recently created by artist Risa Puno as part of her public art project Common Ground, an interactive sculpture designed to bring people closer together physically. The concept of Risa’s sculpture plays on the metaphor of multiculturalism as mosaic, but instead of the folk or children’s artwork […]

  • California Mosaic Bench

    California Mosaic Bench

    Keira Miller recently made a mosaic bench in the shape of the state of California with a class of 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.  The mosaic bench is made from California redwood and is to be auctioned off as part of a fundraiser to benefit their Montessori school. Note that we do NOT recommend wood […]

  • Must-See Mosaic Sculpture By Cherie Bosela

    Love Is In The Air Mosaic Chair Detail

    Artist Cherie Bosela has some mixed-media mosaic sculpture that you really should see, especially if you are considering making some of your own. Cherie’s body of work is incredible, and it includes bas relief mosaics (flat panel with raised elements) and figurative sculpture encrusted with glass beads and found objects such as seashells. I absolutely […]

  • Grouting Case Study (Plus Mosaic Art Worth Seeing)

    Mosaic Guatemalan Women Grouted

    Artist Sherri Grasmuck created a mosaic facade of Guatemalan women on her house in Philadelphia that is the perfect case study for choosing a grout color.

  • Why Did My Tiles Come Loose From Thinset?

    Missing Tiles Detail View Mosaic Art

    Recently, artist Jackye Mills emailed me about a problem she was having with her first mosaic project, and it really caused me a lot of angst because the artwork was a strong design that was otherwise well executed. I hated the thought that a first-time mosaicist could do such a good job on something so ambitious only to […]

  • Making Mixed-Media Mosaics By A Process of Elimination

    Glass mosaic with stone background

    Artist Susan Watson created a stained glass and stone mosaic for her studio exterior wall and chose the background color and material using a process of trial and elimination. Mixed-media mosaic artists often choose backgrounds by laying tile on the pattern or backer after the figures have been tiled, as I explained in my recent article […]

  • How To Choose Mosaic Background Colors and Patterns

    Anime Girl Mosaic Art by Natalija Moss

    Background colors for mosaics should be chosen based on how well they contrast with the colors used in figures. For this reason, most mosaic artists will tile their figures first and then choose their background colors by a trial-and-error process of placing tiles on the mosaic backer and just seeing how they look. The same approach […]

  • Mario Gamer Mosaic Art

    Mario Gamer Mosaic Art

    Artist Jason Oakley made this great pixellated mosaic of Mario and some of the other characters in the Mario games. I like how the gridded pattern of tiles looks exactly like low-resolution pixels such as used in vintage video games.

  • Opus Pixellatum Mosaic Class Photos and Videos

    Class Photo With Mosaics

    Frederic Lecut’s “Opus Pixellatum” Mosaic Class was a lot of fun, and I think the mosaics were very successful, especially with the improvised tweaking and colorization that students did in phase two of the process. In the photo above, instructor Frederic Lecut kneels in front of the class. When people are in position at the […]