Month: February 2021

  • Art Therapy Projects

    Art Therapy Projects

    Art Therapist Ellis Eisner sent me some photos of her client’s mosaics and her own work, and I wanted to share them with you and use them to illustrate several points.

    Mosaic the Gateway Medium

    Mosaic holds a special place in art education and art therapy in my opinion.

    Often all that is required to get that process started is let people play with some tiles and a backer.

    People who say they have no artistic ability will suddenly find that they are sliding tiles around to form simple pictures and shapes and designs.

    Sorting a pile of small colorful objects is even more elemental than doodling with pen. It’s something animals do.

    Handling objects is less abstract than drawing. It matters that the tiles are objects with weight and not paper-thin, not merely 2-D shapes.