• Grid Mosaic Teaching Tool

    Gridded Mosaic Coasters Composite

    My 13-year-old son made some mosaics on our 4-inch bamboo coasters with me. His designs are also figurative and iconic, but unlike the mosaics I have been making, his designs use whole uncut tiles. My son’s designs are all Minecraft-inspired images, and so the blocky nature of uncut square 8-mm tiles was perfect: He challenged […]

  • Mosaic Backgrounds & Variegation

    Kokopelli Mosaic comparison showing improved figure.

    In my previous post, I wrote about Peggy Pugh’s excellent use of color variegation and the potential for this technique to cause figures to lose definition when there is variegation in both the figure and the background. In response, artist Jill Gatwood emailed me photos of a student’s work where the problem had caused the […]

  • Variegated and Mottled Colors for Better Mosaics

    Mosaic Detail Bee over Flowers, Left

    I forgot to write about some of the teaching points from Peggy Pugh’s mosaic backsplash. Variegated and mottled colors create more visual interest in mosaic artwork than monochromatic color fields. However, there is a limit to how much variation you can put into an area of color and still render an element as a distinct […]

  • Mosaic Backsplash for Stove with Hood

    Mosaic Backsplash with Kitchen Interior

    Peggy Pugh’s mosaic backsplash makes me wish the vent hood for the range didn’t have to be installed! The backsplash design is a mosaic interpretation of the view from the window opposite to it in Peggy’s kitchen. The view is of Peggy’s flower gardens with Upper Back Bay in Newport, California in the background. Peggy […]

  • Correcting Skew with Photoshop

    Tutorial Correcting Foreshortened Photo, banner

    Recent blog articles have required that I use Adobe’s Photoshop software to correct the foreshortening and skewed angles in the original photographs sent in by the artists. You can avoid foreshortening and skewed angles when photographing your artwork using the tips I have at the end of my post about frames for mosaic art. However, […]

  • Marble Mosaic Restoration

    Mosaic interpretation of a detail from Botticelli's Venus restored

    Angela Bortone and Natalija Moss recently restored a marble mosaic interpretation of a detail from Botticelli’s Venus, the well-known Renaissance painting. They used the Hercules Precision Stone Chopping Machine to cut the Mable Mosaic Cutting Strips they used for the work. Note that many colors of our Mable Mosaic Cutting Strips are currently out of […]

  • Peacock Redux

    Mosaic Peacock by artist Lonnie Parsons, detail

    My recent blog post about Lonnie Parson’s Peacock mosaic was a cautionary tale about what can happen when you fail to take at least one definitive photo of your finished mosaic. I didn’t want that blog post to be about how to photograph your artwork in optimal light with no foreshortening. I wanted the post […]

  • Artistic Style in Mosaic

    Mosaic Art Series by Ivana Sorrells

    Artist Ivana Sorrells works at Mosaic Art Supply, and she made a couple of small mosaic plaques using our vitreous glass tile, stained glass, and 8-inch plywood mosaic backer boards, plus a few odd findings from a few other types of mosaic glass. Ivana hadn’t worked in mosaic before these pieces, but she gave it […]

  • Mosaic Peacock: A Cautionary Tale

    Mosaic Peacock by artist Lonnie Parsons

    My recent blog article about small mosaics has a section at the end that explains how to take catalog-ready photos of mosaic art. My article about mosaic frames includes some discussion about the best light for photographing artwork and the need to avoid foreshortening. I know why the issue is coming up more and more […]

  • Small Mosaics Update

    Mosaic Coasters by Joe Moorman, progress photo 2022-05

    I have been making some small mosaics on our bamboo mosaic coaster backers, and I wanted to share a photo of the collection so far and talk about some more advantages of working in a series of smalls. Each of these coasters will be a “tile” that is used in a large sculpture that is […]

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