• Mosaic Mural Made By the Blind

    Mosaic Mural Made By the Blind

    Shane Jung is the Physical Plant Manager at the South Dakota School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (SDSBVI), and he recently worked on a fascinating project: a mosaic mural made by blind people. The artist who made this mosaic are the students, teachers, and maintenance staff at SDSBVI.

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  • Bumblebee Flower Garden Mosaic

    Bumblebee Flower Garden Mosaic

    Artist Natalija Moss recently completed a mosaic of a bumblebee flying over a flower garden using a pattern drawn by artist Lucas Rocheleau on a scrap piece of wood back when he worked at the warehouse. The mosaic is made from our American-made stained glass. The most impressive part of the mosaic is the realistic…

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  • Grouting Dorothy’s Spider Web Mosaic

    Grouting Dorothy’s Spider Web Mosaic

    Artist Dorothy Stucki made a fast-motion video of the process of grouting her mosaic Goddess in the House of Night, from dumping on the wet grout to buffing and hazing. The grouting video is on Dorothy’s Instagram. Dorothy’s mosaic is a spider web complete with spider and ensnared moths and insects.

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  • Mounting and Grouting Moses Mosaic

    Mounting and Grouting Moses Mosaic

    I have mounted my mosaic Moses Dreaming on Sinai on an irregularly-shaped backer and grouted the mosaic. I have made videos of the mounting and grouting processes.

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  • Mosaic as Thoughtful Art Experience

    Mosaic as Thoughtful Art Experience

    Ros Edmonds of Art Docents teaches art interpretation and technique to children ages kindergarten through eighth grade, which is the most important age range for teaching art and science and “planting seeds” that change lives. Ros emailed me some photos of her Mosaic Coaster Project with fifth graders, and I am happy to announce that…

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  • Backer for Irregularly-Shaped Mosaic

    Backer for Irregularly-Shaped Mosaic

    I have made another mosaic of Moses dreaming on Mount Sinai, and this version also has an irregular shape. I like making sacred relics and visual artwork that “goes past the frame.” I wanted this mosaic to be on a stone tablet like the original decalogue.

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  • Fauvist Mosaic Art

    Fauvist Mosaic Art

    Artist Beverly Postman has a natural gift for creating visual interest with fauvist colors and variable andamento and mixed materials. The images she emailed me were low resolution because that was all she had, and so it reminded me yet again of the importance of photographing our artwork and creating a digital portfolio. More on…

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  • Mosaic Design Evolves During Implementation

    Mosaic Design Evolves During Implementation

    I make imaginative artwork using a trial-and-error process, and my compositions evolve during implementation. I study models, but I don’t render from a particular model. I try to capture the archetype, iconic essence.

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  • Mr. Pinchapotamus 2.0 Improved Tile Cutting Fixture

    Mr. Pinchapotamus 2.0 Improved Tile Cutting Fixture

    Yes, your wildest dreams have come true. Mr. Pinchapotamus, your favorite tile cutting fixture has been redesigned to make it even more efficient. After tens of thousands of hours of research at MIT, CERN, and Cal Tech, scientists have finally found a way to make Mr. Pinchapotamus easier to load with a tile. This breakthrough…

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  • Digital Grout Color Studies

    Digital Grout Color Studies

    Artist Steve Katzman’s first mosaic is a classic decorative design: sparse floral motifs with sufficient background for showing off interesting andamento. The problem is that Steve wasn’t satisfied with the grout color he used, which was very light, almost an off-white color. Also, the grout had an overwhelming color impact because a distinct grout gap…

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  • Day-&-Night Table And Decorative Mosaic Design

    Day-&-Night Table And Decorative Mosaic Design

    Artist Pete Keller’s Day-&-Night Mosaic Table is an excellent example of incorporating scenic elements into decorative mosaic design. By “decorative mosaic design,” I mean a mosaic that covers a functional surface such as a table top or floor and is composed so that it is still figuratively meaningful when only a small area is visible.

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  • How To Mosaic Videos with Narration

    How To Mosaic Videos with Narration

    MAS employee Stone Irvin is an electronica recording artist, and she has agreed to read the captions for our mosaic videos and to compose the theme music. We have published two of these narrated videos, and I am eager for your feedback. Quick Color Studies The following video shows how to make a quick color…

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