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  • Tough Outdoor Mosaic Backer

    Tough Outdoor Mosaic Backer

    The thinnest, toughest, most water-resistant backer I have been able to make is steel lath plastered with a “concrete” made from Versabond brand thinset mortar (or the equivalent Mapei product) and unsealed aquarium gravel. Regular pea gravel is too large for the lath, and so aquarium gravel is used instead. The aquarium gravel must be…

  • Blue Crab Mosaic Relic

    Blue Crab Mosaic Relic

    My dear old friend Jay Brown had been requesting a mosaic of a blue crab for years, and this past week Jay had his official investiture as a federal judge, and so I decided it was time. Art with a Capital A Normally I avoid bespoke commissions like the plague because I have trouble keeping…