Local Kitty Defends Family from Deadly String Attack

Most of my blog articles are about how to cut and mount mosaic tile and how to improve your mosaic artwork, but the following story warrants coverage by every news outlet large and small:

Recently local kitty Mr. Fauci bravely defended his family from a deadly string attack.

Accounts vary, but all witnesses agree that Mr. Fauci struggled with the vicious string for over half an hour, grabbing one end in his teeth and heroically kicking the length of the string with his rear paws as they lay on the floor tangled in mortal combat.

Mr. Fauci refused to be interviewed immediately afterwards. Instead he ran to the bathroom and spent a few minutes drinking from the toilet followed by a session of licking his behind.


Following this, Mr. Fauci became quiet and introspective, which is normal after the stress of combat according to experts at the Pentagon.


What makes this story even more dramatic is Mr. Fauci’s very small size, which is really smol. At half the size of most cats, Mr. Fauci is mostly tail and floof, and so he is even smaller than he appears.

Nevertheless, this did not discourage the brave Mr. Fauci from engaging in deadly combat to protect his family.

Reactions in the local feline community were largely positive with a minimum of hissing.

When asked for her opinion on the conflict, Miss Sneakstopher Robin said that she likes tuna fish very much.


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11 responses to “Local Kitty Defends Family from Deadly String Attack”

  1. Bonnie Eisner Avatar
    Bonnie Eisner

    GORGEOUS kitty! Love all the Mr. Fauci’s!

  2. Sonja Padgett Avatar
    Sonja Padgett

    Please add me to your mailing list.

  3. Cathy Reisfelt Avatar
    Cathy Reisfelt

    What’s not to love about this heroic cat? What’s not to love about this very creative post?
    Who could resist buying some of these wonderful products?
    Thanks Joe!

  4. Becky Avatar

    Love it! Refreshing, happy news always welcome! (even if it doesn’t have anything to do with mosaic)
    I might buy some tile, even tho’ I don’t need any right now, just to keep Joe’s sanity – and to continue news posts such as this now & then…

  5. Sue Fraser Avatar
    Sue Fraser

    Wonderful, brave kitty. Keep up the good work.

  6. Carole Raschella Avatar

    Love this! When do we see Dr. Fauci’s mosaic prowess? He’s probably very good at battling tiles with his fists…uh, paws.

    There is a very well-known doctor named after your legendary cat. What a coincidence! I understand he’s small in stature as well (without the floof), which just goes to show that size doesn’t matter over brawn or brain.

  7. Jeff Chase Avatar
    Jeff Chase

    “What makes this story even more dramatic is Mr. Fauci’s very small size…”

    That does not surprise me in the least!

  8. Janie Avatar

    More Mr Fauci!

  9. Claudia Avatar

    Nice to have a chuckle today. Thanks

  10. Janet Frederickson Avatar
    Janet Frederickson

    Good work Mr. Fauci and Joe! You can never be too careful, or vigilant, around those vicious strings!!!! Thanks for making us smile today.

  11. Kathy Avatar

    Thanks for the very creative post and I love the name Mr. Fauci! 😍

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