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  • Student Mosaics & Black Grout

    Student Mosaics & Black Grout

    The mosaics in this article are mostly student work and use a wider grout gap than I recommend. The most-helpful tip about grout color is to use smaller grout gaps:

    The smaller the grout gap, the less impact grout has on the image and its colors. The process of grouting is also easier with a smaller gap.

    All that being said, some artists like wide grout gaps because they give the mosaic the look and feel of tiles pressed into wet mortar. That’s fine. It all depends on what you are trying to do.

    Most of the improvised tile/found-object mosaics of Mexico have that look and feel because that is what they are, and they are nothing short of magical.

    These mosaics are from one of Jill Gatwood’s many classes. As a group, these mosaics illustrate several discussion points about grout color.