Tag: mosaic portraits

  • Frida Kahlo Mosaic

    Frida Kahlo mosaic portrait by Denise Herzog detail 1

    Artist Denise Cook’s mosaic portrait of Frida Kahlo is a great teaching example. It illustrates several important tips for making better mosaic artwork. The background and skin tones are made more visually interesting via variegation of shade and hue respectively. There is also a satisfying andamento in the background, and the use of found objects […]

  • Inspiring Mosaic Portraits Using A Grid Pattern

    Marlene Dietrich Mosaic

    David Armstrong has created some inspiring mosaic portraits, and he did it using whole tiles arranged in a grid instead of irregular pieces cut and fit as needed. Normally, I dislike mosaic designs based on grids because they lack the extra visual element provided by tile arrangement (andamento), but David’s work has tons of visual interest that more […]