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  • Cleaved-Tile As Smalti Alternative

    Cleaved Glass-Tile Mosaics

    If you like the cut-face look of smalti but don’t like the price, remember that you can cut recycled glass tiles in half and mount them on edge to get the same look and feel as smalti. Since your “halves” of tile won’t be perfect halves, they will all be slightly different heights when turned […]

  • Improved Smalti

    smalti hand-cut mosaic glass

    The new Mud Turtle Mosaic brand of smalti was selected based on how well the material cuts, and it is competitively priced. The material appears to be more homogenized and have fewer cold seams than most art glass products because it tends to break more predictably and produces fewer useless shards. Smalti is hand-cut mosaic […]