Halloween Mosaic Coasters

Halloween Mosaic Coaster Kit

Ivana and Natalija have made some Halloween-themed mosaic coasters, and Natalija even put together a Halloween Mosaic Coaster Kit. The kit comes with the tile and materials needed, but it doesn’t come with a pattern.

As always, we encourage people to make their own designs, but we do have instructions for copying images to make a mosaic pattern.

Here is how you can make a mosaic pattern from any image by tracing.

Here are instructions for how to enlarge a mosaic pattern or drawing using only a ruler.

Candy Corn Mosaic Coaster by Ivana Sorrells.

Example Mosaics

Natalija made the mosaic of the cat making the phthooky derp face and the cemetery with the insanely-small details rendered in tiny black slivers. (Of course Natalija made that one.)

Ivana made the candy corn mosaic and the bat mosaic. She used larger grout gaps and a more rational level of detail. I really like the elegant simplicity and the iconic design of Ivana’s two mosaics. They are great designs for a kit because they are accessible and don’t require a tedious level of precision and yet produce a strong image.

Bat Mosaic Coaster by Ivana Sorrells.

Kit Contents

The Halloween Mosaic Coaster Kit includes:

  • 1x Wheeled Mosaic Glass Cutter.
  • 1x Weldbond Mosaic Adhesive 160 ml Bottle.
  • 2x SQUARE Mosaic Coaster Base 5/16 Inch thick.
  • 1.25 pound of Natural Gray Mosaic Tile Grout in 6mil zip-close bag.
  • 1 pound of Morjo™ Vitreous 20mm (3/4″) assorted Halloween Color tiles (mix colors: #01, #049, #91, and #95)
The Assortment included in the Halloween Mosaic Coaster Kit






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