How To Mosaic Videos with Narration

MAS employee Stone Irvin is an electronica recording artist, and she has agreed to read the captions for our mosaic videos and to compose the theme music.

We have published two of these narrated videos, and I am eager for your feedback.

Quick Color Studies

The following video shows how to make a quick color study by laying tile over the existing mosaic. Of course it’s so simple that it’s hardly worth making a video of it, but the real teaching point is how much better the darker color looks in spite of not being cut to shape and precisely positioned.

video: How To Make Quick Color Studies And Use A Dental Pick For Mosaic Changes

That point is a huge insight into how to make better visual art: Correct colors and color contrast are much more important than precision.

Also shown in the video is a simple example of using a dental pick to pry up tiles for replacement.

A dental pick (or an improvised dental pick made from a wire or thin nail) is indispensable for pulling up a tile without disturbing its neighbors.

Diamond-Grit File

Sometimes tiles extend over the side of the backer, such as when a mosaic isn’t lined up correctly with the backer.

A Diamond-Grit File can be used to remove the excess material and smooth edges and points.

The video shows how I hold the mosaic as I file it, with my fingertips on the tiles being filed to help hold them in place and to help absorb the vibrations of filing.

video: How To Use A Diamond File To Smooth Mosaic Edges

Revised Video

I also revised the video for How To Improvise A Mosaic Design Without Drawing so that the captions are less confusing.

video: How To Improvise A Mosaic Design Without Drawing

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  1. DIANE C Avatar

    Sorry but not a fan (at all) of the narrator (monotone, seems bored) or the music (super distracting ). Again, sorry, but if you are looking for feedback, this is my thoughts on it

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