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  • Video of Mosaic Rose Design Process


    Natalija has filmed a video of her laying out a rose mosaic inset for her new home, and it’s a good demonstration of cutting and fitting tile and other basic techniques. More importantly, it shows the process of design evolution by trial and error, something that is lacking in most craft videos. Marking and Cutting […]

  • Wood Frames For Mosaics

    Composite of mosaics in frames by Tanya Boyd

    Artist Tanya Boyd emailed me some photos of her mosaics, and all of them were in wooden frames of different types. It reminded me that I am overdue to write up the ways of sourcing wooden frames for mosaics: used frames from paintings or mirrors frames made using molding and a miter saw frames made […]

  • Secret to an Exceptional First Mosaic

    I’ve already written about Brad Srebnik’s first mosaic and how impressive it is. It’s also amazing how well Brad documented the process as he was learning it. Brad emailed me a summary of his methods and the lessons he learn from the project. He has some good photos of some important steps, including making a […]

  • Cutting Glass Mosaic Tile: A Practical Guide

    Mosaic Design Aids with keystone-cut arch

    Designs are said to be elegant when they “don’t try to push things uphill” but instead go with the natural flow of materials and forces. Consider the Roman arch versus a rectangular doorway with a flat lintel on the top. The flat lintel could be constructed from a superior material than that used in the […]

  • Glass-On-Glass Mosaic Grout Color

    Glass-on-Glass Tree Mosaic finished with grout.

    Artist Laura Adams emailed me for advice on selecting a grout color for her glass-on-glass mosaic, and it is a good case study for several reasons. First, the sky of the mosaic is a whitish gray. Second, Laura made sure to photograph the mosaic with two different lighting regimes: backlit from behind and regular lighting […]

  • Knight Park Mosaic Sculpture

    Artist Natalija Moss with Mosaic in Progress

    Artists Angela Bortone and Natalija Moss have discovered a new way to do huge amounts of extreme physical labor in an unheated loading dock. They call this latest folly the Knight Park Mosaic Sculpture. I know from past experiences with my own large sculptural projects that Angela and Natalija have doubted their own rationality if […]

  • Agonizing Over Mosaic Icons

    Mosaic Face of Christ by Sue Hague after 15th century egg tempura painting

    Artist Sue Hague’s mosaic icons are reproductions of medieval, byzantine, and early Christian icons, and some are mosaic interpretations of icons that were originally paintings. The mosaics Sue produced from these paintings were made with authentic andamento and look as if ancient mosaics were copied tile by tile. Sue describes herself as a beginner still […]

  • Epoxy Grout vs. Archival Quality Materials

    Epoxy grout is preferred for pools because it is more resistant to pool chemicals and staining, but it shouldn’t be used on art object or plaques that might be around for decades or centuries as heirlooms. Epoxy is a resin of long carbon compounds. Long carbon molecules are prone to breaking overtime because they contain […]

  • Your New Best Friend Mr. Pinchapotamus

    Mr Pinchapotamus Tile Holding Tool with adjustable depth setting

    Mr. Pinchapotamus is your new best friend. He holds small glass tile while you cut them with a Mosaic Glass Cutter so that your fingertips aren’t near the blades. He can also hold the tile more firmly in place than your fingertips, and so Mr. Pinchapotamus also improves the precision of your cuts.

  • Out of Site, Out of Mind

    Mosaic Tile Studio Display Jars group photo with 8mm Morjo glass

    I have always transferred my glass tile from the plastic factory bags used for shipment and into glass jars or plastic tubs. I do that for several reasons: Rigid containers like recycled jars and plastic yogurt containers make it easier to rinse out the glass dust and slivers formed by cutting. Torn plastic bags drip […]

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