Mr. Pinchapotamus 2.0 Improved Tile Cutting Fixture

Yes, your wildest dreams have come true. Mr. Pinchapotamus, your favorite tile cutting fixture has been redesigned to make it even more efficient.

After tens of thousands of hours of research at MIT, CERN, and Cal Tech, scientists have finally found a way to make Mr. Pinchapotamus easier to load with a tile.

This breakthrough required theoretical advances in quantum mechanics and turning one of the pairs of chopsticks around so that they face in opposite directions.

photo: how-to-make-mr-pinchapotamus

How To Make

It’s hard to believe Mr. Pinchapotamus is made from only 2 rubber bands and 2 pairs of bamboo chopsticks.

Notice that the two pairs of chopsticks are slightly offset so that the tips extend about 1/8 inch past the end of the other pair.

To make your very own Mr. Pinchapotamus, take 2 pairs of bamboo chopsticks that haven’t been separated/broken apart.

Place them together with the tips pointed in opposite directions. Remember to position the tips so that they extend about 1/8 inch beyond the end of the other pair.

Place a rubber band around each end about 1.5 to 2 inches from the end.

Check to make sure that the tips extend about 1/8 inch beyond the end.

Now test Mr. Pinchapotamus to see if he can hold a tile. It the tips are too tight, you can push the rubber bands further from the ends.

Position a glass tile in either end of Mr. Pinchapotamus and use a Mosaic Glass Cutter to cut the tile.


Tile Cutting Workstation

In the photo above, Mr. Pinchapotamus is seen mounted above a cutting basin.

Normally I don’t mount it like this. Instead, I hold Mr. Pinchapotamus in my left hand and hold the tile down in the cutting basin when I make the cut to catch any pieces that shoot off.

The video below shows me holding Mr. P in my left hand while making the cut over a shallow tray.

Note that Mr. Pinchapotamus doesn’t prevent pieces from shooting off at the time of the cut.

Safety glasses with side shields are recommended when cutting tile, but there are other ways of preventing accidents such as holding the tools inside a basin when the cut is made.

When I have the tile holding fixture mounted such as in the photo, I cup my other hand around the head of the cutter and catch any pieces that shoot off or fall off at the time of the cut.

Video: How To Make And Use Mr. Pinchapotamus


How To Make And Use Mr. Pinchapotamus is the award-winning instructional video you’ve read so much about. See why it won Oscars for Best Picture, Writing, Soundtrack, and more. The last 60 seconds are the most important art I’ve ever created. See for yourself.

photo: mr-pinchapotamus-tile-cutting-fixture






5 responses to “Mr. Pinchapotamus 2.0 Improved Tile Cutting Fixture”

  1. Lyn Richards Avatar
    Lyn Richards

    Love it! Excellent scripting, too!

  2. Sharilyn Avatar

    Very clever, I will definitely try this. (Clever writing also. Made me smile.)

  3. Jon Keenan Avatar
    Jon Keenan

    Your tricks n suggestions are super. I love your blog jk

  4. Janet Reuther Avatar
    Janet Reuther

    Nice! I will definitely make one. And as a side note, I am on the Nobel committee and your name came up. Forget I said that, the NDA prohibits me from speaking of nominees.

  5. Ann McCrea Avatar
    Ann McCrea

    eye-opening relevance to art history and philosophy. I didn’t know President Lincoln was mosaic master; even if name only. So much more to learn!

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