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  • Making Foam-Core Mosaic Backers For Outdoor Projects

    Second Layer of Mesh

    Artist Jill Gatwood uses the following method to make water-resistant foam-core mosaic backers for exterior mosaics, such as the Pet Memorial Name Plaques she does for clients who need something that is lighter weight and easier to ship than stone or solid concrete. The method wraps the foam in three or four successive layers of […]

  • How to Cut Diagonal Triangles from Vitreous Glass Tile

    Cutting Vitreous Glass Mosaic Tile diagonally to make triangles.

    Many people report having trouble cutting vitreous glass mosaic tile reliably because of the embossed patterns on the back sides, which can interfere with the blades of the mosaic glass cutter, but if you take simple steps to minimize interference and rotation, it can be done. What I mean by interference is when the blade slips […]

  • Replacement Springs For Mosaic Glass Cutters

    We recently received a shipment of mosaic glass cutters and the factory included some replacement springs in the crate. Fits All Brands? I’m thinking that the springs fit most all brands of mosaic glass cutters, tile nippers and similar pliers that use this type of spring. In fact, they fit all of them we tried in the […]

  • How To Select A Jigsaw For Making Mosaic Backers

    Tools Are Cheaper Than Craft Supplies I have often made the claim that a person could buy a sheet of cabinet-grade plywood and a jigsaw for less than what the craft suppliers charge for shaped mosaic backers such as hearts and stars and things like that. While this might be an exaggeration for an individual […]

  • How To Use China Plates For Mosaic Tile

    Recently someone emailed me about how to estimate how many plates would be needed for a medium-sized mosaic of several square feet. Each type of plate is different in terms of how many useable tiles it will produce due to how round/flat the plate is and how well it cuts. The only way I have […]

  • How To Make A Home Mosaic Art Studio

    Avoid Studio Obsession Setting up and organizing your studio or corner workspace can become an end unto itself and just one more thing that keeps you from working on your art. Keep in mind that great works of art have been created under terrible working conditions and with minimal tools and equipment. The most important […]