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Mosaic Hallucinations

The month of January is tax prep and inventory season for our glass mosaic tile business, and it’s been a stressful time each and every year for 20 years, at least for a week or two or certain days.

This year is particularly stressful for a variety of reasons: unprecedented inflation, weak sales, bookkeeper gone incommunicado, personal tragedies, you name it.

And to top it off, just yesterday I came down with the horrible sore throat and sinus infection that half the half the kids in my son’s school have been passing around since October.

Well, my neighbor gave me one of those moth pills that help you sleep, and I think I drank too much cough medicine on top of that because I had weird dreams all night long and woke up the next morning outside by the tadpole ponds.

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blog-fleefle-sneef-v2 copy. Buy more glass mosaic tile or I will lay my eggs in Joe’s ear!

Or at least I dreamt I woke up out there.

In the dream, I was out there and it was summer and I kept dozing back off and dreaming all these endless dreams.

All the dreams were about these weird little creatures that talked. They were telling me all these horrible things that were going to have to happen if sales didn’t improve soon.

They told me that we were going to have to start giving employees Arby’s coupons instead of paychecks and that I was going to have to start living in the kudzu in the gully behind the warehouse.

Other times the hallucinations were more profound.

Tempus Fugit

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blog-skittering-skadoodle-v5 copy

Other times not so profound:

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blog-martian-honkasquonk-v3 copy

And they were nauseously repetitive like fever dreams:

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blog-stinktoe-tisperwhisp copy






5 responses to “Mosaic Hallucinations”

  1. Kay Jane Meyer Avatar
    Kay Jane Meyer

    I loved this story!

  2. Carole Raschella Avatar

    Weirdest post you’ve ever written. Cough medicine? Ha. Stay away from those magic mushrooms! And feel better soon!

  3. Donna M Zahina Avatar
    Donna M Zahina

    Well written…I cannot stop laughing.

  4. Jo Cranor Avatar
    Jo Cranor

    Creativity gone wild! That was one eventful night, perhaps to ignite your inspiration… we’ll be watching…

    No more “cough syrup” for you though!

  5. Jill Gatwood Avatar

    There are worse places to wake up besides next to your tadpole pond! 🙂

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