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  • Kitchen Backsplash Mosaics Using Original Designs

    Kitchen Backsplash Mosaic Detail

    If you search Google Images for “kitchen backsplash mosaics,” you can see some good work, but you will also see way too many photos of beige and gray tile work that really doesn’t help too much in the way of inspiration, especially if you are wanting to make an original figurative mosaic or use colors […]

  • Re-Imagining Classic Geometric Mosaic Designs

    Rebecca Stoops Bathroom Floor Mosaic

    One of the things I always notice in cities like New York or San Francisco are the older buildings that still have entrance ways and bathrooms with mosaics made from whole porcelain tile. These mosaics are very simple in design, sometimes merely a border around plain tile, or maybe a simple repeating geometric pattern. If […]

  • Mosaic Picture Frame

    Mosaic Picture Frame Iso View

    Angela made a mosaic picture frame using our irregular glazed ceramic tile and left the sides of the frame uncovered. She also nested the angular shapes to created an abstract pattern without cutting any of the tiles to make them fit. The unfinished side edges of Angela’s mosaic look particularly neat because the sides of the […]

  • Using Ceramic Figurines In Mosaic Art

    Unicorn Mosaic Laurie Gilson Detail

    Why break up ceramic figurines to use the pieces in mosaic artwork when you can use the whole figurine? Artist Laurie Gilson emailed me some photos of her recent work, and they are great examples of how you can use ceramic figurines in your mosaics and still use standard elements such as tile arranged in rows.

  • Porch and Entranceway Mosaics

    Entranceway Floor Mosaic by Ana Bonnin

    Ana Bonnin emailed us some pictures of her recent entranceway mosaic, and I wanted to share these with our readers. Ana’s pictures also made me remember that I needed to summarize what I know about best practices for making porch mosaics last longer. Ana’s mosaic is the family emblem that she and her husband designed to […]

  • How To Efficiently Make Mosaic Christmas Ornaments

    Mosaic Christmas Ornaments by Phyllis Kempter

    Artist Phyllis Kempter emailed me some photos of the ornaments she made using our kits for 3-inch spherical mosaic Christmas ornaments and our 12mm recycled glass tile (plus a few other sizes of tile), and her ornaments caught my eye for two reasons: First, she used green in the patterns for her ornaments, which is good to do […]

  • Everything I Told You About Mosaic Art Is Wrong

    Sunset Mosaic Landscape by Apryl Howard.

    Artist Apryl Howard sent me some pictures of her recent Arizona Sunset Mosaic, and it is the exception to several “rules” I have recommended over the years. It is also a great silhouette landscape that captures the color of light and is worth seeing merely for inspiration and ideas for your own artwork.

  • Making Detailed Mosaic Images Using Whole Uncut Tile

    Tree Mosaic Art Robert Friedlander

    To make detailed mosaic images using whole uncut tile, you need to use a tiny brand, such as the 8mm Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile by Morjo™ that we sell. You also need to make sure the image is large enough to accommodate the level of detail. The Tree Mosaic recently completed by artist Robert Friedlander […]

  • Creating Motion Using Curved Andamento

    Mosaic Swirled Andamento Full v2

    Artists can create a sense of motion in their mosaics by using concentric curved rows of tile, especially in the background around figures. To me this use of andamento* is one of the most interesting aspects of mosaic, and it is an easy way for novices to make art that really engages the eye. I […]

  • Increase Visual Interest by Using Variegated Colors

    Artist Marie Powell's "Sun Compass" mosaic table top

    You can increase visual interest in your mosaic by using variegated colors (multiple colors in patches or streaks) instead of monochromatic fields of only one color. This technique is particularly effective if your design is relatively simple and made from outlined areas of color like a coloring book or cartoon.