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  • Broken Millefiori Mosaic Coaster

    Broken Millefiori Bouquet Mosaic Coaster Before Grouting.

    I made a mosaic bouquet coaster using our Broken Millefiori and Morjo 12mm Recycled Glass Tile. I used clear contact paper to lay out my design so that I could improvise without a pattern and make revisions as desired BEFORE glue is involved. I wrapped the contact paper around the backer temporarily so that the […]

  • Mosaic Saints, Angels, and Icons

    Mosaic St. Michael the Archangel

    Historically, mosaic icons were made with traditional materials like smalti, marble, and gold leaf glass. Those traditional mosaic materials might be preferred if you are trying to make a reproduction that looks historically accurate, but they are more expensive and more difficult to work with. Do You Need Smalti? If you have any latitude in […]

  • Using Contact Paper to Transfer A Mosaic Design

    Mosaic Versus Pattern

    Choice of Pattern This method for transferring a mosaic design with contact paper works whether you are improvising on a quickly sketched cartoon or carefully following a detailed pattern for each piece of tile. This method reverses the mosaic from left to right in a mirror effect because the tile is laid upside down onto the sticky pattern and […]

  • Mounting A Mosaic On Clear Adhesive Film


    Clear contact paper can be used to temporarily mount a design of mosaic tile, but it really isn’t sticky enough to be as useful as it should be, and it is better to use the clear mosaic mounting tapes (films) that are specifically designed for that purpose. I have used clear contact paper for small […]