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  • Mosaic Mural Made By the Blind

    Mosaic Mural Made By the Blind

    Shane Jung is the Physical Plant Manager at the South Dakota School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (SDSBVI), and he recently worked on a fascinating project: a mosaic mural made by blind people. The artist who made this mosaic are the students, teachers, and maintenance staff at SDSBVI.

  • Azerbaijan Mosaic Artist

    Azerbaijan Mosaic Artist

    Samir Ä°mamverdiyev is the son of the accomplished Azerbaijan mosaicist Musa Ä°mamverdiyev, and he is currently in Iceland and looking for opportunities. I get the impression that Samir would consider opportunities anywhere in North America or the E.U., particularly in Iceland. Samir’s mosaics are impressive architectural murals. His subjects are portraits of medieval poets of…

  • Mosaic Mural by Stages

    Mosaic Mural by Stages

    Artist Kim Kahrilas’ bunny mosaic mural uses pet portraits and children’s book illustrations for inspiration and demonstrates how you can create a larger project by making it in modules. Kim made the mosaic on sections of tile backer board, with each section or panel having it own composition: four separate stand-alone scenes featuring bunnies plus…

  • Santa Fe Rail Trail Mosaic

    Santa Fe Rail Trail Mosaic

    Artist Julie Deery is working on a mosaic mural for the wall of the Santa Fe Rail Trail. The location for the mosaic mural is 130 feet of cinderblock wall along the Rail Trail just north of Siringo Road in Santa Fe. The theme of the project is “Generations” with the goal of having community…