Month: October 2021

  • Importance and Limitations of Small Mosaics

    Cleaved-Glass Mosaics by Joe Moorman, composite 10/14/2021

    Making a series of smaller works instead of one large work is the best way to improve your art. The reason is obvious: instead of investing all your time in executing the larger image, which might already be flawed or compromised long before it is completed, you get several opportunities to get it right. In […]

  • Halloween Mosaic Coaster Kit

    Halloween Mosaic Coasters

    Ivana and Natalija have made some Halloween-themed mosaic coasters, and Natalija even put together a Halloween Mosaic Coaster Kit. The kit comes with the tile and materials needed, but it doesn’t come with a pattern. As always, we encourage people to make their own designs, but we do have instructions for copying images to make […]

  • Out of Site, Out of Mind

    Mosaic Tile Studio Display Jars group photo with 8mm Morjo glass

    I have always transferred my glass tile from the plastic factory bags used for shipment and into glass jars or plastic tubs. I do that for several reasons: Rigid containers like recycled jars and plastic yogurt containers make it easier to rinse out the glass dust and slivers formed by cutting. Torn plastic bags drip […]