Mosaic Tile Studio Display Jars group photo with 8mm Morjo glass

Out of Site, Out of Mind

I have always transferred my glass tile from the plastic factory bags used for shipment and into glass jars or plastic tubs. I do that for several reasons:

Rigid containers like recycled jars and plastic yogurt containers make it easier to rinse out the glass dust and slivers formed by cutting. Torn plastic bags drip water and don’t dry easily.

Glass jars and open-top tubs also make it easier to see the true color of the tiles, which is difficult when viewed through scratched and dirty plastic.

I like the glass jars we sell because they are the perfect size for displaying or gifting about half pound or three-quarter pound of glass tile, but they are in a tall shape so that you can display many of them on the same shelf.

Displaying your tile in a color palette like that is important for several reasons. First so you always know what you have and what your options are. It’s the opposite of “out of site, out of mind.”

Displaying your tile in a color palette makes it easier to choose colors as a group and see what colors work together. You don’t even have to take tiles out of the jars to do color studies. You can group and arrange the jars on the shelf to see what the colors look like as a group.

For me, displaying my color palette is as essential as having a color wheel on hand to look at. Before I paint a picture, I like to make strokes of each color on a small study (piece of scrap) to see if they work together. Similarly for mosaic, I make color studies by putting a few tiles together. Or just rearranging a few jars on my studio shelves.

Gift Idea

Little colorful shiny things look good in small glass jars. Consider these if you need a gift-bag idea that stands out in terms of being usual, interesting, and potentially inspiring.

Do You Need To Buy This?

This is something you might be able to source in your own recycling and not need to purchase from us, especially if you drink the same bottled juice or iced coffee everyday.




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