Month: November 2021

  • Best Grout Gap For Mosaic Artwork

    Mosaic Watering Can, ungrouted, composite view

    The best grout gap for mosaic artwork depends on whether or not the mosaic will be outdoors or in a potentially wet location such as a backsplash. When Do You Need A Grout Gap? If the mosaic might get wet or exposed to humid air, you can’t have the tiles touch each other. You need […]

  • Your New Best Friend Mr. Pinchapotamus

    Mr Pinchapotamus Tile Holding Tool with adjustable depth setting

    Mr. Pinchapotamus is your new best friend. He holds small glass tile while you cut them with a Mosaic Glass Cutter so that your fingertips aren’t near the blades. He can also hold the tile more firmly in place than your fingertips, and so Mr. Pinchapotamus also improves the precision of your cuts.

  • Abstract Mosaics As “Quilt” Elements

    Abstract Mosaic-Covered River Stones by Barbara Stutts

    Artist Barbara Stutts recently emailed me some photos of her abstract mosaic stepping stones and mosaic-covered river stones, and they resonated with me for several reasons. Barbara says she is relatively new to mosaic, but her abstract mosaics are worth sharing because they are well executed and serve as good teaching examples. In this case, […]