Porcelain Tiles Blue and White China Print

Blue and White China Print Porcelain Tiles

We just added three different types of glazed porcelain tile for use as accents in mixed media mosaic art projects, and the most exciting of these are the blue and white floral china patterns.

“Blue and Whites”

Porcelain Tiles Blue and White China Print
Porcelain Tiles Blue and White China Print are made to look like pieces cut

“Blue and whites” are what I always called the china shards that I would find when walking fields and creeks. More so than the other things that I found (pipe stems, bottle necks, glass marbles, china doll parts), these blue and whites made me think of making mosaics, but I’ve noticed that over the years since I started making mosaics, I haven’t used these as often as I would have expected. I think it was because no matter how many I found, I never found enough that I didn’t think of each one as a unique treasure that needed to be the centerpiece of some work of art and not just one of many tiles.

But that’s only part of the reason why I found myself using fewer blue and whites than I would have thought. What really put them out of reach for me is that I couldn’t stomach the amount of waste that is created when old china is cut up for mosaic tile. Most of what you get from some plates is waste. And then there is the issue of the plate breaking in ways that splits the pattern up and the problem with many pieces not being flat.

These glazed porcelain tiles with floral china patterns are the perfect solution: None of the waste of cutting your own, a perfect glossy glaze. a great floral print.

I see these being used as borders around mosaic images and mosaic mirrors. The ones with mottled glazes could be used for that as well.

Mottled Glazes

Porcelain Tiles Mottled Glazes
Porcelain tiles with mottled glazes have subtle variegated colors with golden yellow mixed with antique hues of red, blue, and cream.

I think the 1-inch porcelain tiles with mottled glazes are going to be popular as well because they have subtle antique colors in blotchy patterns that you just don’t get in glass tile other than stained glass. Unlike stained glass, the variegated colors of these are done on a smaller scale so that each 1-inch tile has an interesting pattern.





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  1. Patricia A Richardson Avatar

    Are you going to be getting some of the blue and white porcelain tiles back the one-inch and you get 3

    1. Joe Moorman Avatar
      Joe Moorman

      We order them as soon as the factory has them back in stock.

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