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  • Making Pictures With Colored Mirror Tile

    Lighthouse Mosaic By Natalija Moss

    Natalija improvised this picture of a lighthouse using the Colored Mirror Tiles to show that they can be used to render an image. We added these tiles last year, but I haven’t had time to use them in anything. In Praise of Colored Mirror Tiles I can say that the Colored Mirror Tile ranks the […]

  • Mosaic Jewels, Gold, and Silver

    Mosaic Gold 24 kt with Faceted Glass Jewels

    The following picture of 24kt Gold Leaf Mosaic Glass Tiles mixed with Faceted Glass Jewels is the best evidence I can point to for our renewed commitment to finding exciting new products for use in mosaic artwork: Ancient Treasures This stuff is pure treasure. It is hard to look at it without thinking of old kings and […]

  • Ceramic Tiles with Mottled Glazes

    Mottled Glazed Ceramic Tiles selection A

    We have an exciting new type of tile that fills a void in our product offering and not just because it is glazed ceramic. The glazes on these tiles are mottled with random splashes of different colors that makes them absolutely beautiful. Yes, we have great colors in glass mosaic tile, but except for the stained […]

  • Vacuum Attachment For Removing Dust From Small Parts

    Sparduster small parts vacuum attachment

    The new SPARDUSTER™ Small Parts Dust Remover looks like a simple vacuum attachment, but it is actually nothing less than a revolution in studio and workshop cleanup. With this simple tool, cleaning up a work surface covered in mosaic tile goes from 45 minutes of tedious sorting to a few minutes of casual effort. You can […]

  • Blue and White China Print Porcelain Tiles

    Porcelain Tiles Blue and White China Print

    We just added three different types of glazed porcelain tile for use as accents in mixed media mosaic art projects, and the most exciting of these are the blue and white floral china patterns. “Blue and Whites” “Blue and whites” are what I always called the china shards that I would find when walking fields […]

  • Real 24kt Gold Mosaic Glass For Art

    Real 24 kt Gold Mosaic Glass

    We now sell 24kt gold mosaic glass, and it really is gold and not the brass alloy imitation products that some competitors are rather shamefully selling as gold. We also sell the imitation gold brass foil glass. but we have it correctly labeled and appropriately priced.   The real 24 kt gold glass is molded tiles and […]

  • Glass Beads for Mosaic Art

    Murano Millefiori Glass Beads

    We now sell glass beads for use in mosaic artwork. We have several types including murano, lampwork, millefiori, etc., but for practical purposes, glass bead are best divided into two groups: those small enough to be glued next to glass mosaic tile without sticking out too far, and those so large that they are best […]

  • Improved Smalti

    smalti hand-cut mosaic glass

    The new Mud Turtle Mosaic brand of smalti was selected based on how well the material cuts, and it is competitively priced. The material appears to be more homogenized and have fewer cold seams than most art glass products because it tends to break more predictably and produces fewer useless shards. Smalti is hand-cut mosaic […]

  • Mosaic Coasters

    Our shipment of hardwood bases for making mosaic coaster recently arrived, and I just now added them to our website. We have bases for making square mosaic coasters and round mosaic coasters, and these are great project ideas for someone wanting to make a mosaic miniature. The coaster bases are made in the USA from […]

  • Replacement Springs For Mosaic Glass Cutters

    We recently received a shipment of mosaic glass cutters and the factory included some replacement springs in the crate. Fits All Brands? I’m thinking that the springs fit most all brands of mosaic glass cutters, tile nippers and similar pliers that use this type of spring. In fact, they fit all of them we tried in the […]