Class with Mosaic Master Frederic Lecut

Artist Frederic Lecut has agreed to teach a class in which student will create a naturalistic mosaic portrait of their own eyes using Frederic’s Opus Pixellatum technique. We are very excited!

Take a look at Frederic’s mosaic eye portraits to get an idea what you will make in this course, and we think you will be excited too. This course will definitely improve your mosaic skills regardless of what style you work in.

The Course Project

Each student will create a 7 inch x 17 inch mosaic portrait of their own eyes, or the eyes of a friend, relative, etc. The portrait will be created from a photograph using Frederic’s Opus Pixellatum technique.


The cost of the event is $275 per person, which includes the cost of all materials.

The Date

The class will be a weekend event (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) for 12 people on March 24, 25, and 26th in Decatur, Georgia.  Please email to reserve your slot or express interest in a later date.

The Venue

The class will be held in Decatur, Georgia, one of the most livable cities in the US. Decatur’s old courthouse square filled with fine dining and boutiques, plus a MARTA train station that provides stress-free access to the Atlanta Airport. The course will be held at the Mosaic Art Supply warehouse, which is less than 2 miles from the Decatur Square.

The Schedule

Two Weeks Before

Two weeks before the event, students need to email us the photograph that they will use as a model for their mosaic. Frederic will use this digital photograph to create the pattern for your mosaic and determine the colors and quantities of tiles needed.

Friday Night

Arrive and check in at your hotel. Meet and greet with Joe Moorman, Frederic Lecut, and the other students over dinner in Decatur Square.


From 9am to 1pm, students will lay out their designs on the patterns. Following a long lunch, we will transfer the mosaics to their backers. Throughout this process, there will be discussion of how to use the Opus Pixellatum technique as a point of departure for incorporating stylistic elements beyond the pattern and other aspects of mosaic composition.


Grout the mosaics. Farewell and departure.

Reserve Your Slot

Spaces in this class are limited.  Please email to reserve your slot or express interest in a later date. Once the date is confirmed, we will be collecting non-refundable payments of $275 for the course.






4 responses to “Class with Mosaic Master Frederic Lecut”

  1. Paula Douglas Avatar
    Paula Douglas


    I live in Manhattan, NY and wanted to get a copy of Frederic Lecut’s teaching schedule for his “Opus Pixellatum” Mosaic Class for December 2018 or for 2019.

    Paula Douglas

    1. Joe Moorman Avatar
      Joe Moorman

      I would email him at his website. Have fun with the projects!

  2. Eileen Emison Booth Avatar
    Eileen Emison Booth

    Has this event passed? There is no year posted by the March dates. Thanks

    1. Joe Moorman Avatar
      Joe Moorman

      This event was in 2017 I believe.

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