How To Remove Grout

The grout removal tool we sell is typically used to remove grout from between glazed ceramic bathroom tile, but it can also be used on mosaic art made from small pieces of glass. Dental picks and small screwdrivers may be more useful when the tesserae and grout gaps are smaller, such as typically seen in figurative mosaic art.

Here are some tips for removing grout using the grout removal tool and other scraping tools:

  1. Always do the work wet. Use a spray bottle to mist your work area and reapply as needed.
  2. Scratch the surface of the grout to break through any invisible pore sealers.
  3. Re-wet the grout by misting again. Allow the water to soak in. Wait at least 5 to 10 minutes and re-wet.
  4. Do not let any crumbled grout go down the drain if working in a shower or bath. Even in powdered form, it is still concrete and will accumulate and plug low spots in the plumbing.
  5. If you are working in a shower or bath, plug the drain and scoop out all the material with a spoon. We call them work spoons at my house. Make sure you explain to the spouse that they came from the thrift store and not the kitchen.






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