Mosaic Christmas Tree Ornaments

Please email us pictures of your Christmas tree ornaments made from our mosaic ornament bases. I would really like to receive a picture of one made to look like a globe of the Earth. I think a globe ornament would look spectacular, especially in mosaic, but I haven’t had the time to make one myself due to all my other art projects.

Remember to order your mosaic ornament bases early because we often get large orders from groups that completely exhaust our supply of hard polystyrene spheres.

mosaic ornaments
Mosaic Christmans tree ornaments made by artist Natalija Moss using our ornament bases.

Each ornament base is only 29 square inches (or 0.2 square feet) of surface area, so it doesn’t take too much tile to cover one. Just one bag of the 12mm Elementile Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile is more than enough to make an ornament. Depending on how you cut and space the tile, you only need between 100 and 125 tiles to cover one ornament, and each bag of 12mm Elementile contains about 185 tiles.





2 responses to “Mosaic Christmas Tree Ornaments”

  1. Jean Loyning Avatar
    Jean Loyning

    I just ordered 12 of these ornaments. If you have written instructions on how you adhere and grout I would appreciate you including them in my order. Thank You Jean

    1. Joe Moorman Avatar

      Thanks for ordering the ornament bases. The instructions for how to use them are written in the product description:

      Of course you probably won’t be able to see the full product description and the instructions if you are using a cell phone or mobile device. You need to use a laptop or computer to be able to see these, which probably makes sense for purchasing visual art supplies anyway.

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