Marble Mosaic Restoration video

Mosaic Restoration Video

Natalija made a video of her work with artist Angela Bortone in the restoration of a marble mosaic. The mosaic was a reproduction of a detail of Botticelli’s painting The Birth of Venus, and it was covered in grime and missing tiles. It also needed to be transferred to a new backer. There was a lot to do.

Natalija’s video shows a montage of the cleaning, cutting, and placing of tiles:

Marble Mosaic Restoration video

Natalija doesn’t show the less-glamorous process of scraping the mesh-mounted mosaic off the decaying plywood backer.

If the mosaic hadn’t been on mesh, Natalija and Angela would have covered it in Mosaic Mounting Tape before the decaying backer was removed.



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  1. Sharon Avatar

    I don’t get it. How did you return the colors to the original colors? “Get the grime off”? Anybody knows how to do the rest of it.

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