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  • Mosaic Saints, Angels, and Icons

    Mosaic St. Michael the Archangel

    Historically, mosaic icons were made with traditional materials like smalti, marble, and gold leaf glass. Those traditional mosaic materials might be preferred if you are trying to make a reproduction that looks historically accurate, but they are more expensive and more difficult to work with. Do You Need Smalti? If you have any latitude in […]

  • How To Efficiently Make Mosaic Christmas Ornaments

    Mosaic Christmas Ornaments by Phyllis Kempter

    Artist Phyllis Kempter emailed me some photos of the ornaments she made using our kits for 3-inch spherical mosaic Christmas ornaments and our 12mm recycled glass tile (plus a few other sizes of tile), and her ornaments caught my eye for two reasons: First, she used green in the patterns for her ornaments, which is good to do […]

  • Mosaic Jewels, Gold, and Silver

    Mosaic Gold 24 kt with Faceted Glass Jewels

    The following picture of 24kt Gold Leaf Mosaic Glass Tiles mixed with Faceted Glass Jewels is the best evidence I can point to for our renewed commitment to finding exciting new products for use in mosaic artwork: Ancient Treasures This stuff is pure treasure. It is hard to look at it without thinking of old kings and […]

  • Mosaic Baptismal Font

    Mosaic Baptismal Font

    Artist Sondra Jonson recently completed a mosaic baptismal font for St. James Catholic Church using our gold glass mosaic and metallic glass tile and vitreous glass tile, and it turned out really well. Religious architecture is supposed to be instructive and inspiring, and so Sondra used a spiral galaxy motif for the bottom of the font and a night sky with stars for the […]

  • Real 24kt Gold Mosaic Glass For Art

    Real 24 kt Gold Mosaic Glass

    We now sell 24kt gold mosaic glass, and it really is gold and not the brass alloy imitation products that some competitors are rather shamefully selling as gold. We also sell the imitation gold brass foil glass. but we have it correctly labeled and appropriately priced.   The real 24 kt gold glass is molded tiles and […]