The Power Of Black in Mosaic Design

The Power Of Black in Mosaic Design

I have written many times about black grout and why I recommend it for making tile colors look more intense, but I don’t think I have ever taken the time to talk about using black tile for the same reason.

Artist Carol Jasin recently emailed me some photos of her work, and she makes great use of black tile to make a her mosaics look more colorful and more substantial.

Tiled Chest-of-Drawers
Mosaic Apothecary Chest by Carol Jasin.

A Comparison

Compare Carol’s Mosaic Apothecary Chest to pique assiette furniture covered in patterned porcelain dinnerware. The pique assiette furniture is bright and white because the dinnerware is mostly white in spite of its patterning.  The pique assiette furniture is beautiful, and its aesthetic is fantastic (Marie Antoinette does folk art), but sometimes you need a less ornate or less bright piece to work with the look and feel of an interior.

By using darker colors (including black) with intense colors, you can have designs that are more subdued and more easily integrated into a room’s color scheme than the same design made with white tile.

Mosaic Yin Yang Koi by Carol Jasin
Mosaic Yin Yang Koi by Carol Jasin

Always Black?

Definitely not. Sometimes black can stick out as badly as white. An umber or dark brown or darkest gray is often preferable to straight black.

About the Artist

Carol Jasin is a stylist who owns a salon. She started making mosaics about six months ago (and is making good use of all the previous time she spent thinking about design and art).

6 responses to “The Power Of Black in Mosaic Design”

  1. I would really like to start making mosaics but I just don’t know where to start I wondered wether you could give me some tips if you possilely could as I am eager to make a start but I just don’t know where or how to make that start making mosaics seems to be my calling as that’s all I think about I look forward to hearing from you thank you karen

  2. I’m doing a sugar skull?! Trying really, really hard to put as much color in as possible but white is needed, correct? What would your advice be? I read all your tips & advice and would really appreciate your in this situation. Thank you very much.

    Tanya Grimes

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