Grouting Dorothy’s Spider Web Mosaic

Artist Dorothy Stucki made a fast-motion video of the process of grouting her mosaic Goddess in the House of Night, from dumping on the wet grout to buffing and hazing.

The grouting video is on Dorothy’s Instagram.

Dorothy’s mosaic is a spider web complete with spider and ensnared moths and insects.

Two of the insects are small brass sculptures, flattened bas-relief outlines of a fly and a beetle.

Grout is dumped on top of these just like the rest of the mosaic.

Grout Color

Black grout was required to make the web stand out, while a light grout would make the web less distinct from the background.

Goddess in the House of Night

Dorothy’s mosaic Goddess in the House of Night is an interesting composition, but I like the web itself, the “white” (a mix of faint tints) against the black background.

I think a minimal composition of the web itself would work very well, or maybe a composition with one small spider at the corner

Dorothy’s mosaics are filled with tarot-esque symbols and visionary images, so I suspect this won’t be the last spider web mosaic she makes.







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