Public Art and Commissioned Mosaics

Artist Steven “Stevo” Sadvary has a broad mosaic portfolio of pet portraits, cityscapes, signage, educational murals and other public art, all solidly rendered.

I like public art that inspires people to make their own art, especially children, and I think there are a few things about Stevo’s art that make it optimal in that way.

Mosaic Sign Phoenix Dragon Tiger Tortoise
Mosaic Sign Phoenix Dragon Tiger Tortoise by artist Steven “Stevo” Sadvary.

“Figurative Plus”

Stevo’s style is a combination of realistic or iconic figures in compositions that have some understated elements of whimsy or abstract pattern added.

I think this combination offers more for young minds to see and think about than straight realism or straight abstraction or straight whimsy.

Mosaic Public Art Matrona Detail
Mosaic Public Art Matrona Detail by artist Steven “Stevo” Sadvary.

Reasonable “Pixel” Size

The details in Stevo’s mosaics are usually rendered with tile pieces in sizes that are easiest to use: not so small that many rows are needed, but not so large that pieces have to be cut to width. Stevo “makes it look easy.”

Mosaic Cityscape Pittsburgh Incline
Mosaic Cityscape Pittsburgh Incline by artist Steven “Stevo” Sadvary.

Mixed Andamento

Stevo combines different styles of andamento in the same mosaic. Some details are rendered with natural shard shapes (irregular triangles and polygons) that are nested naturally (instead of arranged in rows). Other details are rendered using rectangular tiles in rows or curving work lines. Still other details are rendered with pieces cut to size and shape in a “stained glass” style where each color field is a single piece, or two or three pieces at most.

Mosaic Backsplash Stained Glass
Mosaic Backsplash Stained Glass by artist Steven “Stevo” Sadvary.

Great Use of Color

Stevo makes great use of color to create appealing images and abstract elements.

Mosaic Public Art Matrona
Mosaic Public Art Matrona by artist Steven “Stevo” Sadvary.
Science Mural Mosaic
Science Mural Mosaic by artist Steven “Stevo” Sadvary.
Mosaic Sign SPQR Roma
Mosaic Sign SPQR Roma by artist Steven “Stevo” Sadvary.
Mosaic Icon Christ
Mosaic Icon Christ by artist Steven “Stevo” Sadvary.
Mosaic Pet Portrait Blue Dog
Mosaic Pet Portrait Blue Dog by artist Steven “Stevo” Sadvary.
Mosaic Fireplace Surround Hearth B
Mosaic Fireplace Surround Hearth B by artist Steven “Stevo” Sadvary.
Mosaic Goddess Athena
Mosaic Goddess Athena by artist Steven “Stevo” Sadvary.
Mosaic Icon Saint Nick
Mosaic Icon Saint Nick by artist Steven “Stevo” Sadvary.
Mosaic Pet Portrait Cat
Mosaic Pet Portrait Cat by artist Steven “Stevo” Sadvary.



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6 responses to “Public Art and Commissioned Mosaics”

  1. Yolande Avatar

    Thank you for this publication. Really enjoyed having a glimpse of ‘Stevo’ Sadvary’s work.

  2. David Weinstein Avatar

    Stevo Sadvery was my mosaic mentor and is an amazing artist. He can cover an entire panel with mastic and just remember where everything is supposed to go; his work ethic and ability to work quickly is impressive, and his studio is full of wonderful creations. He’s also a marvelous fabric artist, and can work a loom like nobody’s business!
    He eats right, cares for older shelter dogs, and donates his time to community projects… If you’re lucky enough in person to absorb a bit of his lifestyle habits into your own life, you will be forever inspired.

  3. Karen Brow-Meier Avatar
    Karen Brow-Meier

    How inspiring! Yes- he does a masterful job of combining different tessera and both representational and more abstract images. The results are both playful land sophisticated.

    I also like the black grout used with tight spacing between the tiles and pieces. I have had a problem with thinking black grout can be too heavy-handed and have been experimenting and sometimes struggling with grout colors. I see in his work how black can be distinctive, yet not overbearing when the lines of grout are narrow and even somewhat irregular.

    Great post and do keep ‘um coming.

  4. Richard L Retort Avatar
    Richard L Retort

    i would like more info on supplies , tools, etc. I have been involved in tile installation for over 50 years and hold a minor in art, so technique would be helpful but not a necessity. I like what I see on your web site.

    1. Joe Moorman Avatar
      Joe Moorman

      Hi Richard,
      For economic and environmental reasons, we avoid printed materials and use the website and blog as our definitive reference and catalog. You can read complete product descriptions by clicking an individual color thumbnail and scrolling down. We can also answer questions in detail via email.

  5. Judie Rabatin Avatar
    Judie Rabatin

    Steven art work is fantastic. Steven is an awesome persons. Be sure to check our his mosaics work on The Great Train

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