Natalija Moss's temporary stained glass mosaic studio

Artist Studios at the MAS Warehouse

The Mosaic Art Supply warehouse is filled with artist studios in appropriated spaces: the loading dock, the office, the reception area, and mixed-use tables in the middle of the warehouse itself.

In my most recent blog post, I discussed how purchases from Mosaic Art Supply support the arts in a real and direct way. In this blog article, I wanted to show pictures of some of the studio areas in our warehouse.

Lucas: The Back 40

Lucas painting in studio
Lucas painting in his studio at the very back of the warehouse.

Nikita Raper: Loading Dock

Nikita Raper pottery studio
Nikita Raper pottery studio in the loading dock of the Mosaic Art Supply warehouse.

Adam Sprague: Office Space

Adam Sprague's art studio
Adam Sprague’s art studio in the office area of the Mosaic Art Supply warehouse.

Angela Bortone: Reception Area

Angela Bortone's art studio
Angela Bortone’s art studio in the reception area of the Mosaic Art Supply warehouse.

Joe Moorman: Main Warehouse

Joe Moorman's painting studio
Joe Moorman’s painting studio in the main warehouse area.

Natalija Moss: Wherever She Wants

Natalija Moss's temporary stained glass mosaic studio
Natalija Moss’s temporary stained glass mosaic studio area on an available table in the middle of the warehouse.

Your Home Art Studio

Never let a lack of space discourage you from creating art. All of us at Mosaic Art Supply have made art in tiny apartments and even in hotel rooms while on business travel. Your studio can be as small and as simple as table or desk -or even some plastic totes that can be used to store materials until they can be used on a table or desk that is normally used for other purposes.








2 responses to “Artist Studios at the MAS Warehouse”

  1. baselle Avatar

    Inspiring! I have to remember that an art work space is a means and not an end.

  2. Manny Avatar

    Cool space!

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