Pileated Woodpecker Mosaic

My Pileated Woodpecker mosaic was made by improvising over a pattern. I created the pattern from a photo collage that I made in Photoshop.

Here is a high resolution photo of the grouted mosaic:


Materials and Methods

This mosaic was made from our American-made stained glass.

The irregularly-shaped backer was made from hardware cloth (wire mesh) and Versabond-brand thinset mortar.

The mosaic was grouted with non-sanded grout in a charcoal black color.

The grout gap was “incidental,” meaning no grout gap was intentionally left. The gaps were created serendipitously by errors in the sizes and shapes of the tiles.

The mosaic was laid out on a temporary surface of sticky contact paper and then picked up using Mosaic Mounting Tape for transfer to the mortar.





2 responses to “Pileated Woodpecker Mosaic”

  1. Diana Avatar

    Can you show how to use temporary surface contact paper and than picked up on mosiac mounting tape using individual pictures of the steps ? Can you explain “why” you use this method ? Thanks, Diana

    1. Joe Moorman Avatar
      Joe Moorman

      Hi Diana,
      The reason for the temporary surface is so the mosaic can be edited and so you can work by experimentation and trial and error.

      This article explains the steps:

      These videos show the significant advantages of working on the temporary surface:




      I don’t think I yet have a video that shows pressing the mounting tape to the face of the mosaic and picking it off the contact paper.

      I hope this helps.

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