Madre de Guadalupe Contemporary Mosaic

Strong Color Contrast in Heazlewood Mosaics

Artist Megan Heazlewood makes strong use of contrasting colors in her iconic mosaics, and I think her work is inspiring for that reason.

Egyptian Musicians

Egyptian Musicians Contemporary Mosaic
Egyptian Musicians Contemporary Mosaic by Artist Megan Heazlewood

There are several contrasting color pairs in Megan’s mosaic of ancient Egyptian musicians: the teal and pink of the lotus flowers, the blue and gold, the white robes and the different skin tones, the blues and greens versus the burnt orange.

Madre de Guadalupe

Madre de Guadalupe Contemporary Mosaic
Madre de Guadalupe Contemporary Mosaic by Artist Megan Heazlewood

In this mosaic, Megan used the very intense colors popular in Mexican artwork. Intense cool blues and greens versus the hot reds, oranges, and yellows.

St John The Evangelist

Saint John Mosaic Icon
Saint John Mosaic Icon by Artist Megan Heazlewood

This icon is complete with two symbols of St John the Evangelist, author of the Gospel of John. The first is the chalice with snake, and second is the eagle. Note the deep phthalo blue embroidery on the edge of the crimson robe and how well these two contrasting hues work together. The darkness of these two shaded hues contrast well with the white.

Mosaic Rug

Mosaic Rug
Mosaic Rug by Artist Megan Heazlewood

Mosaic rug designs with their repeating geometric motifs are a great inspiration for fireplace surrounds, in my opinion. With a matrix of white to mute overall color intensity, a rug design such as Megan’s is a way to use intense colors without overwhelming the color scheme of the room as a whole. I would love to receive some emails from people who have taken me up on this idea.





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2 responses to “Strong Color Contrast in Heazlewood Mosaics”

  1. Ali Avatar

    I just love the Egyptian mosaic. The colors, the subject matter, etc. It gives me inspiration. How large was this piece?

  2. Megan Heazlewood Avatar
    Megan Heazlewood

    My name is Megan Heazlewood. Thankyou to Joe Moorman for your wonderful comments on my mosaic work. To answer the person enquiring about the dimensions for the “Egyptian Musicians”, it measures 68 X 82 cms, and is on heavy duty laminated glass, thereby suitable for indoors or outdoors on patio, pergola or pool area.

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