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  • Mosaic Artist Michael Kruzich’s Must-See Work

    La Primavera Mosaic Michael Kruzich.

    Mosaic Artist Michael Kruzich has a body of work worth taking a look at, especially if you have any doubts about how well dramatic lighting can be rendered in mosaic portraiture and other figurative mosaic artwork. But that’s not all that you need to see of his work. Michael has also made some mosaic-clad figurative sculpture that is as […]

  • Figurative Mosaic Artwork As An Element of Interior Design

    Mosaic Interior Design

    Figurative mosaic art (mosaic pictures) can be used as an element of interior design in the same way that paintings are used. The only difference is that a stronger, more secure way of mounting the artwork to the wall is needed. Natalija wrote an article about using a French cleat mounting system to securely hang […]

  • Pan’s Head Mosaic: A Classical Interpretation

    Pan's Head mosaic in progress

    Artist Frederic Lecut’s “Pan’s Head” mosaic has a style that matches its theme, and it is a great example of using classical elements in a contemporary mosaic. The face of the “goat-footed god of Attica” or Pan is the subject of Lecut’s mosaic, and consequently the artist incorporates several aspects of ancient Greek mosaic in his […]

  • Mosaic Artist Frederic Lecut’s Opus Pixellatum Technique

    The Afghan Girl's Eyes Mosaic by artist Frederic Lecut.

    Artist Frederic Lecut’s Opus Pixellatum Technique is a tool for rapidly creating original photorealistic mosaics and incorporating improvised elements. Artist Frederic Lecut Mosaic Artist Frederic Lecut creates striking portraits of people’s eyes, mosaics that are photorealistic in execution and powerful as compositions because they are cropped closely and look almost like eyes seen in a Niqab.

  • How To Price Mosaic Art

    Mosaic Art Untitled Valri Castleman

    Pricing art is difficult because it is subjective, and pricing mosaic artwork is even more problematic due to the extra labor required to make it, but there is a structured way to determine a hard number, even if the buyer is a friend or relative. Recently artist Valri Castleman emailed my a photo of her untitled mosaic shown […]

  • How To Add Texture To Mosaic Art

    "In the Garden" Mosaic

    Mosaic artwork can include rough textural elements that would be impractical in architectural tiling such as a shower wall, which needs to be smooth for cleaning and safety. Note that smooth does not mean flat. You can have textural elements in an architectural surface, but they need to be rounded and not jagged. (Cheese-grater walls […]

  • Mosaic Interpretation of Picasso Painting

    Picasso Mosaic Interpretation

    Brian Kyle’s mosaic interpretation of Picasso’s painting “Man With Ice Cream Cone” is a refreshing departure from the cute themes that seem to dominate contemporary mosaic artwork. Brian calls his mosaic “The Lecher” and says that some people are creeped out by it. I say that makes it real Art (with a capital A) in the sense of […]

  • Photorealistic Mosaic Landscape

    Yosemite Mosaic landscape by Jim Price.

    Yosemite Mosaic Landscape Limitations of the Grid and Tile as Pixels Jim Price’s Yosemite Mosaic is an excellent example of how photorealistic mosaic art does NOT have to be rendered in a uniform grid of pixels. For an example of a gridded mosaic where tiles are used as pixel, look at the impressive black and white mosaic another […]

  • David Bowie, Springsteen, Strummer, Waits Mosaic Portraits

    David Bowie Mosaic Portrait

    Fredrik Tigerstrom (“T29ART” on Instagram) has made some impressive mosaic portraits of rock icons David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Joe Strummer, and Tom Waits. These mosaics are worth sharing for several reasons, and not merely because they are faithful renderings of famous people. Yes, these mosaics are “accurate” in terms of capturing individual likeness, and that is an accomplishment […]

  • Stained Glass as Mosaic Tile: A Question of Styles

    Grey Owl mosaic

    In my article Stained Glass Mosaic Art, I explained how stained glass can be cut up into small pieces and used like conventional tesserae or cut larger and used to define entire elements as is done in a stained glass window. In the window mode of working, one single piece of variegated glass is used to render […]