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6 thoughts on “Index of Posts

  1. Joanne

    I would like to insert some of my mosaic pieces into store bought sheets of mosiac mounted on mesh, for my backsplash. Any words of advice?

    1. Joe Moorman Post author

      Hi Joanne,
      People do inserts all the time. The most common issue is a difference in thickness. This can be overcome by building up the insert area with a layer of thinset mortar. Thinset shrinks or thins slighly as it hardens, and so you would need to build up the area a few days before mounting the insert.
      I hope this helps,

  2. Katie Walton

    I just discovered your blog. You have the very best mosaic blog I have ever read, and have just answered the many questions I have had over the years about my mosaic work and troubleshooting. I really appreciate your practical intelligence and you are singing my song in many of your posts. Are you the owner of mosaic art supply? Thank you for distilling and organizing your information for us.
    As a mosaic artist, I wish I had an engineering degree for all the material questions I have, but now, I have you!

  3. Damon Smith

    How do you grout stain glass that has been glued to glass without having the grout ‘flow’ under the stain glass?

  4. Connie Adams

    I really enjoy your website. I discovered your blog after exploring your website and read a few. I can’t wait to read the rest though it’s going to take me a while. There is so much information on mosaics!


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